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Why Video Games Are Addictive – Avoiding Video Gaming Addiction by a Programmer

Brilliant course, that is information packed. Even if you think you know, you will be left with food for thought and new knowledge to make empowered choices. Jo is a great educator and leaves the learner contemplating their engagement with video games. The kind of course that stays on your mind and leads to different types of discussion, choices and practical options to put in place. Everyone needs to do this! Thank-you Jo, Riley really enjoyed his time with you.
by Sophie S. on 24 May 2021

Why Video Games Are Addictive – Avoiding Video Gaming Addiction by a Programmer

Jo’s class is great on so many levels. He keeps it interesting for the kids. He’s teaching but not lecturing them. My son who has ADHD was engaged the whole time. And he gives the kids a lot of really profound stuff to think about, but at an age appropriate way. My son and I have been talking about the the lesson points everyday since. I’m nudging my son to do the 30 day challenge. We’re not there yet but I’m not giving up. This class is worthwhile and I might have my son take it again!
by Cynthia R. on 17 April 2021

Card Magic Tricks for Beginners

My daughter loved this class.  She learned three card trick and one coin trick.  Truly I don’t know how she does them, it is real magic! Would highly recommend and hope to take more classes from this instructor in the future.
by Mary R. on 19 Jan 2021

Become a Bubbleologist – Fun Class by a Professional Bubble Artist

My 10 year old LOVED this class and she’s been very picky about virtual camps. The teacher did a great job engaging with all the kids and checking on their progress.
by Jennifer F.on 10 July 2021

How Money Works – Understanding Money – Credit Cards – Finance Life Skills Camp 

Outstanding class that perfectly sets kids up to be aware of credit cards, interest rates and most importantly what a credit score is. My 11 yr old really enjoyed the class and remembered the importance of a credit score and savings. Instructor is so engaging and explains in a manner kids grasp…highly recommend!
by Darcie P – on 10 April 2021

Why Video Games Are Addictive – Avoiding Video Gaming Addiction by a Programmer

This was a really good class. The teacher explained his point well and got the message across. My son decided to reduce his daily gaming hours and take a break every other day. Thank you!
by Denie W. on 10 Apr 2021
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