Pre-Recorded Online Course – Money Life Skills – How Money Works – Credit Cards Banks Finance Investing Savings – 4W


In this 4 week flex class, we will talk about what money is, how it works and focus specifically on financial understanding and how to use credit cards and loans responsibly. Money Life Skills – A Class That Covers Money Life Lessons – How Money Works – Understanding Money Credit Cards Banks Finance Investing Savings Life Skills FLEX Class


Pre-Recorded Online Course – allows your learners to watch the pre-recorded videos and do them at a time that is FUN for them! You can also spend extra time on the topics your child is most interested in. Since this is a flex class with no live meetings, students can log in at a convenient time to complete the week’s lesson. We will be going through each week as a group and I will post the lesson weekly (depending on which day you started).

The videos will contain the information required to give students a good understanding of each topic and each one will include homework for the students to undertake during the week, as part of a project.

Homework assignments will include compiling a budget, brainstorming ways to make money from things you enjoy, making a list of the things they want versus the things they need, and the process and terminology of opening a bank account. There will also be research assignments into compound interest, investment opportunities, and risk appetite. This will mean lots of interaction between me the teacher and learners after each class to get the homework assignments completed correctly. We will even have a class scavenger hunt with a money theme which should make for some fun class interaction.

After watching each video and completing the homework assignments, students will be provided with feedback and the specific next steps on how to create a process to manage their finances successfully.

Timeframe for the Week:
Mondays – Teacher will post the information needed for the week. Students can submit questions.
Tuesdays-Wednesday – The teacher can answer any questions pertaining to the topic of the week. The students will need to complete any homework assignments and answer any questions in the discussion.
Thursday – Students need to have all tasks completed and uploaded in the classroom for teacher feedback and discussion. Students will discuss it among themselves.
Friday – The teacher will provide feedback to the class and individual students.
Saturday – Sunday – Teacher will be available to answer any questions that the students may have for the week or the next week.

Week 1 – Topics will include:
What money is and how currency works
The history of money
Public Sector Vs Private Sector
The difference between needing and wanting
Picking the right career
Can money buy happiness or love?

Week 2 – Topics will include:
We will talk about ways of creating money for financial stability.
How banks and financial institutions work
Credit and debit cards, credit ratings, mortgages and rent, bank loans

Week 3 – Topics will include:
Creating a list of income and outgoings
How to manage a budget
What profit and loss is
The best ways of saving money

Week 4 – Topics will include:
What an investment is and how they work.
Different examples of what investments can be.
What changes the value of an investment and how to spot trends.
Small investments that are essential: e.g. housing, savings, pensions.

No required experience or knowledge is needed by the learners.

Please note:
*This is the flexible version of my course, I also teach all of my classes live. If you do not see a time or date listed for a class that interests you, please message me with a few possible dates and times, and I will do my best to offer a session that will work for your schedule. Here is a link to my live schedule for this class –,

*Please be aware I try to teach all of my classes, to at least 2 students as I feel it provides a better teaching and learning experience. If the minimum amount of students is not reached 24 hours before the start of the course, students will be moved to the next available section at a similar time.

*Once a learner has been verified per OS policy, this is a camera optional class.

*For parents/families who feel their child would benefit from this course, but their budget does not allow for it, I do offer a number of discounts for families of lower income. Please message me with the course, dates and times you are interested in to learn more about the discounts I might be able to offer.


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