Pete’s Classes

Dr. Peter King

I have over 8 years’ teaching experience and hold a BSc in Geology, an MSc in Geophysics and a PhD in Philosophy and I have managed a charity for eight years.
I teach philosophy courses and how to apply the knowledge from those classes to rational thinking and making better decisions. I also teach an introduction to applied geology, the oil industry, and the environment and how to set up and run a charity and fund raise. 

How to think rationally and make better decisions – for Kids

Starting with the basics about the different kinds of philosophical approaches before moving on to thought experiments that introduce the main areas of philosophy – the focus here is encouraging rational thinking and understanding our own cognitive biases and show how rational critical thinking can help you make better life decisions.

Taught by: Dr. Peter King PhD 


How to Set Up and Run and Charity

What are the main things you need to run a charity as a non-profit business? How will you raise money to support your work? What kinds of charity are there and what are you passionate about? How could you manage all this cheaply and easy from a home computer? We’ll cover all of this in a fun exploration for kids that want to do some good in the world.

Taught by: Dr. Peter King PhD

Careers that use Geology – for Kids

In this introduction to the Careers that use Geology, we’ll briefly examine how the world around us was formed and what the main different rock forming processes are. We’ll look at how earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains are made and why, and see how looking at the bones of buried animals helps us figure all this out. We will then look at the different careers you could pursue in geology and how the oil industry relates to carbon cycle and global warming. A fun, whirlwind tour of earth sciences and how it is applied in the real life that will rock your world!

Taught by: Dr. Peter King PhD