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Python Coding With AI Transforming Ideas Into Programs

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This 16-Class online course is designed to introduce young learners to the world of Python programming, emphasizing hands-on experience and creativity. Students will learn the basics of Python, explore the application of AI concepts in coding, and develop the skills to transform their ideas into fully functioning programs. The course is interactive and hands-on, with a focus on practical projects and challenges.

16 Class Curriculum:

Class 1: Introduction to Python and Basic AI Concepts
Class 2: Basics of Python: Variables, Data Types, and Operators
Class 3: Control Structures in Python: Conditional Statements and Loops
Class 4: Introduction to Functions in Python
Class 5: Data Structures in Python: Lists and Dictionaries
Class 6: Exploring Libraries in Python
Class 7: Basic Principles of AI in Programming
Class 8: Applying AI Concepts for Coding Assistance
Class 9: Project: Create a Simple Program Applying AI Concepts
Class 10: Advanced Python: Classes and Objects
Class 11: File Handling in Python
Class 12: Introduction to Web Scraping with Python
Class 13: Problem Solving with Python and AI Concepts
Class 14: Project: Create a Complex Program Applying AI Techniques
Class 15: Review and Refinement of Projects
Class 16: Presentation of Projects and Course Wrap-up

With this curriculum, students will gain a strong foundation in Python programming, supplemented by an understanding of how AI principles can aid in coding. This approach ensures that learners are well-equipped to develop their programming skills independently, without direct reliance on specific AI tools.

By the end of the class, learners will have gained a solid foundation in Artificial Intelligence and will have the skills to create their own intelligent programs using Python and other tools.

The flexible schedule (Flex Class) allows your learners to watch the pre-recorded videos and do them at a time that is FUN for them!

Python Sections:
What is the class structure?
Our dynamic class structure combines insightful lectures, interactive discussions, and practical activities, ensuring that students gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in their academic journey. By exploring various learning styles and memorization strategies, we aim to personalize the learning experience, enabling each student to discover the most effective study methods that resonate with their unique learning preferences.