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Lifeready Essential Life Skills for Young Learners

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In this 16-Class class, students will learn essential life skills necessary for adulthood. The class will be divided into the following Classs and topics:

Class 1: Goal Setting and Time Management
Learn how to set SMART goals and develop effective time management strategies to balance priorities and achieve success.

Class 2: Financial Literacy
Understand budgeting, saving, and investing to achieve financial stability and independence.

Class 3: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Develop critical thinking skills to analyze situations, identify problems, and apply effective solutions.

Class 4: Effective Communication
Master verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to convey ideas clearly and confidently in various settings.

Class 5: Digital Citizenship
Learn the importance of responsible online behavior, digital privacy, and internet safety.

Class 6: Conflict Resolution
Develop conflict resolution skills to effectively navigate disagreements and maintain healthy relationships.

Class 7: Self-Care and Wellbeing
Explore strategies for managing stress, mindfulness, and maintaining mental and emotional health.

Class 8: Leadership and Teamwork
Learn how to motivate, inspire, and collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

Class 9: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Discover the basics of starting a business, fostering creativity, and embracing innovative ideas.

Class 10: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Develop confidence and techniques for delivering engaging and effective presentations and speeches.

Class 11: Career Readiness
Develop skills for job searching, resume writing, and successful interviewing.

Class 12: Community Engagement
Learn the value of civic engagement, volunteering, and being an active member of your community.

Class 13: Creativity and Innovation
Explore various techniques to foster creativity and develop innovative solutions in everyday life.

Class 14: Resilience and Adaptability
Learn how to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances.

Class 15: Networking and Relationship Building
Understand the importance of building a professional network and maintaining meaningful relationships for personal and career growth.

Class 16: Home Management
Learn essential home management skills such as basic cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance.

By the end of the class, students will have a solid foundation of essential life skills to help them navigate the challenges of adulthood with confidence and resilience. The flexible schedule allows learners to watch pre-recorded videos and complete homework at a time that is convenient for them, with Classly guidance and feedback from the instructor. This course requires no prior experience. Enroll now and get ready to become LifeReady!

The flexible schedule (Recorded Flex Class) allows your learners to watch the pre-recorded videos and do them at a time that is FUN for them!

What is the class structure?
Our dynamic class structure combines insightful lectures, interactive discussions, and practical activities, ensuring that students gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in their academic journey. By exploring various learning styles and memorization strategies, we aim to personalize the learning experience, enabling each student to discover the most effective study methods that resonate with their unique learning preferences.