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How to Make a Pro Business Plan That Will Make Your Business Succeed

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Are you looking to inspire your young entrepreneur? Join our 16-Class flex class on business plan success for young learners! Led by a serial entrepreneur and financial management expert, your student will learn the key concepts needed to turn their business ideas into a reality. With a flexible schedule that allows for individual pacing, this class is perfect for any young learner who wants to develop their business acumen. Enroll now to give your student the tools to succeed!

In this 16-Class class, students will learn the key concepts needed to create a successful business plan. The class will be divided into the following Classs and topics:

Class 1: Introduction to Business Plans
Class 2: Key Business Terms and Concepts
Class 3: Conducting Market Research
Class 4: Identifying Target Customers
Class 5: Developing a Marketing Plan
Class 6: Understanding Revenue and Expenses
Class 7: Projecting Profits and Losses
Class 8: Financing Options for Small Businesses
Class 9: Writing a Business Plan Executive Summary
Class 10: Creating a Company Overview
Class 11: Defining Products and Services
Class 12: Marketing and Sales Strategies
Class 13: Creating a Financial Plan
Class 14: Refining Your Business Plan
Class 15: Receiving Feedback and Making Revisions
Class 16: Presenting Your Business Plan

By the end of the class, students will have created a detailed business plan ready to pitch to investors, seek funding, or start their own business.

The flexible schedule (Recorded Flex Class) allows your learners to watch the pre-recorded videos and do them at a time that is FUN for them!

What is the class structure?
Our dynamic class structure combines insightful lectures, interactive discussions, and practical activities, ensuring that students gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in their academic journey. By exploring various learning styles and memorization strategies, we aim to personalize the learning experience, enabling each student to discover the most effective study methods that resonate with their unique learning preferences.