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Business 101 for Teens How to Start a Successful Business From Hobbies

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This 9 Class business class is designed for teenagers who want to learn how to start and run a successful business. The course will cover a wide range of topics that will equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to turn their ideas into profitable ventures. The class is designed to be comprehensive, with a specific focus on understanding the financial aspect of owning and running a business. The class will be interactive, and will include hands-on activities, real-life examples, and case studies.

This class is one of our most popular classes which we have just overhauled, re-filmed and made NEW for 2023!

-Introduce students to different types of side hustles and help them identify which one(s) may be a good fit for them
-Teach students how to develop a business plan and create a budget, including market research and financial forecasting
-Provide students with information about marketing, branding, and advertising their business
-Help students understand the implications of running a business
-Develop students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills

?????? Class 1 – 9 Topics will include: ??????
What business is and how it works
Funding your business
Different kinds of businesses
Learning, if you like your job you never work a day in your life 😉
Side Hustlers / Business ideas for teens and how to earn money now!
How to write a basic business plan
How to schedule your time to be successful
How to manage a budget understanding profit and loss
How to market your business and identify your target market
Quality control and how to keep your customers happy
The difference between needing and wanting

The flexible schedule (Flex Class) allows your learners to watch the pre-recorded videos and do them at a time that is FUN for them!

What is the class structure?
Our dynamic class structure combines insightful lectures, interactive discussions, and practical activities, ensuring that students gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in their academic journey. By exploring various learning styles and memorization strategies, we aim to personalize the learning experience, enabling each student to discover the most effective study methods that resonate with their unique learning preferences.