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Whatever the individual student’s learning style, Explosive Learning has a range of courses that will open their minds, challenge their preconceptions and have them sharing their learning with you enthusiastically after each class.
We specialise in learning that can be immediately applied to improving life skills, from academia to personal, work and global situations, from learning the difference between credit and debit cards, to event organising, fundraising and how to start a successful business. We equip our students to manage real life successfully. See Our Classes

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide fun, relevant classes that empower our students by allowing them to explore their interests, make better choices and gain the skills and confidence to approach their future with open minds. 
​Our vision is to create a vibrant, engaging online classroom where we ignite a lifelong love of learning in young individuals and equip them with the skills and knowledge that will help them succeed throughout their lives. If knowledge is power, Explosive Learning exists to create the superheroes of the future!

How Money Works – Understanding Money – Credit Cards
Outstanding class that perfectly sets kids up to be aware of credit cards, interest rates and most importantly what a credit score is. My 11 yr old really enjoyed the class and remembered the importance of a credit score and savings. Instructor is so engaging and explains in a manner kids grasp…highly recommend!   – by Darcie P on 10 April 2021

Business 101 – How to Start a Successful Business for Teens – Entrepreneur Camp
My daughter loved it and looked forward to her class. She was even disappointed that there were only 2 classes! – by Sandy G.on 19 May 2021

Why Video Games Are Addictive – Avoiding Video Gaming Addiction by a Programmer

I highly recommend this class. Jo has such a brilliant way of presenting information to the kids so that they learn and make new decisions for themselves based what they’ve learned. This is his gift. He doesn’t tell them what to do… rather he simply gives them information they need to make better informed decisions.
When my son gets excited to tell me every detail of what he learned in a class…. I know it’s because the teacher is amazing and the content is engaging. This teacher knows how to capture the attention of his young audience. He is one of our favorite teachers on Outschool.
We love all of his classes. Take them all…. so worth every penny. – by Tina K. on 28 May 2021


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Jo Reynolds BSc (CEO)
Dr. Peter King MSc, MA, PhD dic.
Claire BA, CIM, TEFL

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Why Video Games Are Addictive
How Money Works – Understanding Money 
Practical Event Organising
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